Friday, July 29, 2011

Journal Covers

I'm really big on the kids journaling about their learning experiences. In our class, we each have a math journal and a science journal. We also have a class math journal, which is just a 1/2 chart that I have covered and made all pretty.

As I'm trying to work ahead, I was sprucing up my journal covers for the kiddos and thought that I would share them with you! I do everything in black and white, then copy it on colored paper or let the kids color them. I use the large construction paper and put manilla in the middle with whatever color pops into mind for the outside cover. I then glue these bad boys on the outside. I hope you can use them!

Math Journal Cover HERE:

Science Journal Cover HERE:


  1. Howdy!! Just stopping by to say hi to a fellow Aggie (and to become a follower)!! Your blog is super cute!! :)
    Curls and a Smile

  2. Do you have a writing journal cover?

    1. I have a cover that I glue to the front of their writers workshop folders. Are you interested in that? :)

    2. I created a Writing Journal cover if you are interested. :) Hope you can use it!

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