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Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Site!!

Have you heard? I was super busy last spring working hard to get my new site ready!

Don't worry, you can still follow me through Bloglovin' there! Everything should be transferred over very soon! I hope you enjoy the clean, sleek look!!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Teacher Gift Idea FREEBIE

Yesterday on Instagram I shared this image of a simple, quick, teacher appreciation gift that I threw together in about 5 minutes for my little guy's teachers.

Things Needed:
-hand soap
-gift tag FREEBIE

You can snag this FREEBIE to help throw your gifts together in no time.

Click the images above to grab the FREEBIE gift tag

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mammals, Insects, and Life Cycles

Hello sweet friends!! Spring is in full swing around here! We have had our days of crazy rain, thunderstorms, tornado warnings lately, followed by gorgeous sunny days like today.  I thought I'd take some time to share some Spring Classroom Resources with you all.

It's the time of year that you start dragging…the end of year count down has even begun for some of you already! The following resources are great to keep your kids interested in learning, engaged, and are easy to implement for you!

I have recently finished my Mammals and Insect units.  Here's a peak at some of my favorite parts!

I also have been working to create a unit with JUST life cycles.  All of my All About units for animals have at least 1 or 2 life cycles included, but sometimes we want something that focuses on JUST that part.

You can find all of this inside this little unit posted yesterday! Don't worry, if you have the GROWING Science Bundle I am adding that and the All About Mammals unit tonight!

I'm off to enjoy the sunshine!! Have a wonderful day! 

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Earth Day Fun

Earth Day is just around the corner! April 22 to be exact! I always love celebrating Earth Day with my students!
I'm teaming up with some of my blogging buddies to share a closer look at my Earth Day unit. It's a favorite of mine, for sure!

I love to integrate reading and writing any way possible with our science units! The way our curriculum fell, we did this unit at the beginning of the year in Kindergarten.  Sentence building is so good for them--even at this time of the year!

We did a lot of sorting and discussing about items that we can recycle right in our classroom!

We always love making a mini-reader! The kids place them in their book boxes when they are done creating them and then re-read them all the time during read-to-self time!

If you love these activities, grab it for 15% off all weekend!
Click the image above to check it out! 

Hop on over to check out another great product AND snag it at a discount this weekend!!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fools' Day FREEBIE

Are you a prankster?  I am not.  I wish I was, but I just am not good at lying so I always ruin any prank I try to pull! I love to laugh and read about them, though!

There is something magical about April Fools' Day when you are 5 and 6.  I can remember being younger and my little brother thinking he could tell April Fools' jokes ALL April.  It's the same in the classroom.  There is always a kid or two who likes to tell you silly things the ENTIRE MONTH of April!

I LOVE reading silly stories that my little ones write. It's so fun to see them be creative…or tell a story that really did happen!

Here is a little April Fools' Writing FREEBIE for you to snag and use this week!!
Click the image above to snag this FREEBIE

 Borders from Krista Wallden
Font from Kimberly Geswein

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break Writing FREEBIE

Ahhhh, spring break! The time of the year that most teachers say, "Oh my gosh! Where has the year gone? We have so much to accomplish still!"

I totally relate. 100%. This is when I usually begin to freak out a bit.

One thing I love to do with my little friends when we return from spring break is have them write about their time away from school. It's just so special because I always see growth in their writing.  It's almost like the magical 2 week vacation during Christmas time when they come back and have grown SO MUCH!

Here is a little writing FREEBIE for you to use.   I have not forgotten our intermediate friends, either! I included both primary and regular lines for writing.

Click the image above to snag this freebie.

Clipart and border from Krista Wallden
Font from Kimberly Geswein

Have a fabulous evening!! I'm off to eat a late dinner!

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Purposeful Assessments Made Fun!

Hi Friends! Happy Saturday!

I am super excited to be joining a few gals for A Closer Look Blog Hop!

I want to highlight one of my FAVORITE things I have ever done with my little first grade friends!

Writing has always been a favorite time in my classroom.  There are years that I feel like I rock at teaching writing and years I don't.  This, however, was a year that I felt like I had my game-face on.  (Probably because it was the subject I planned! Ha ha!)

Our writing was coming along well.  I had seen a great deal of improvement, but we needed something that showed the little eyes the importance of those writing conventions I felt like I had been drilling! A dear friend had done this concept at the end of the year before, but I thought why not do it now? 

For each writing convention used, the students "earned" a piece of their chick.  In the end, if their writing was complete and correct, then their chick would look complete and correct.  If not, then they saw how silly their writing looked when they forgot things, such as periods or capital letters.
They LOVED it! I made it as stress-less as possible for them.  We had fun! We celebrated EVERY LITTLE THING! We giggled together about a chick with no eyes looking silly, just like their writing had no title and looked silly. They also were great because I sat one-on-one with each student and conferenced with them about their writing.  We decided together which parts their chick would have. This activity was so powerful!  It truly gave the students ownership!

Here is a peek at what is inside!

This weekend you can snag it ON SALE!! 
Click the image above to hop over to my store!

Want to check out some more great deals this weekend as you take a closer look at some more fabulous March activities? Click below to Hop over to The Daily Alphabet!

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